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Do you deliver? Set up/ Pick up?

At this time, we are only offering delivery for all rental packages.
Our pieces are extremely fragile, and must be professionally transported, set up and secured at your venue. Some of our pieces are very heavy and we want to ensure the safety of our client and our pieces.

What If my wedding or event is outside of the Hampton Roads area?

If your venue is further than this please feel to reach out for availability.
We love to explore new venues!

Can I choose what goes on my sign?

Absolutely! Customization is what we are all about! Personalizing your weddings signs gives such an added romantic and personal touch and we love learning more about our couples in this way. After we have secured your wedding date I will send a comprehensive guide for you to complete with your design preferences and wording. If you aren't sure what you'd like things to say - for example, you know you want a welcome sign, but not exactly what it should say, I am happy to help guide you thru this process. There are however some pieces, like table numbers and card boxes, come ready to rent and cannot be personalized.

What happens if a rental gets damaged?

We totally understand that things happen! I'll access the damage and connect with you right away on the cost to repair or replace the damaged piece or pieces. You can find more on our policy for damaged or lost items in our rental agreement.

Can I switch to a different piece later in the process?

Absolutely! Some pieces are in high demand and may not be available later as we get closer to your date. If the new piece you desire is available I will gladly swap it out. If I get any new pieces in before your big day, I'm happy to show them to you and swap out any styles for you if they are available.

Do you do other events other than Weddings?

YES, YES and YES!!!! We provide our custom rental signs for all types of events. Wedding Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Corporate Banquets and awards you name it!